Advice and tips on how to provide the right words for your piece of art

Below, you'll find samples of artwork generated by the Machine Canvas AI, along with the terms used to create the artwork

"abstract shapes, black and white"

If you're not looking to create something very specific, the AI artist can accept vague terms such as this one. As you can see in this example, it took the words very literally and created a bunch of abstract shapes with a black and white theme.

"single lonely small robot in a post apocalyptic world surrounded by metal junk"

When giving it a more detailed explanation of exactly what you're looking for, the AI artist does its best to interpret the prompt to create the work of art. A general tip we offer is that abstract ideas generally work better than asking for specific objects, although you can do the latter—we just can't promise you that it'll be good.

"a giant marshmallow man"

The most basic rule we can give you when deciding what words to provide is imagine you're asking for a piece of art with that title (the words you're providing). This isn't always the same as asking for a picture with those words.

Still confused?

If you still don't know how to provide the right words to get a piece of art you're proud of, check out our Instagram @machinecanvasaiart for more examples. We provide the prompt used with each published artwork on the account.