Machine Canvas produces AI-generated artwork based on the words you provide us. These can be full sentences, phrases, quotes, etc. You can be as descriptive as possible, or as vague as you want. The words you provide allows our AI to generate artwork based on those prompts and it can be wildly accurate or horribly inaccurate. It is an AI after all.

Well as they say, art is subjective. Or, as they also say, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Not every piece of art from Machine Canvas is going to be amazing, mostly because it depends on what you provide the AI. We're sorry if you absolutely hate your piece of art but we have a strict no refund policy. Since each art is uniquely created based on your parameters, we have no real use for it. Besides, it's your fault if you hate it. Really. Don't blame the AI. And be proud that it's the only one in the world, even if it's ugly. It's your baby. You'll learn to love it.

Yes, seriously. Part of the fun of Machine Canvas AI-generated art is not knowing the result based on the words you provided until it's physically in your hands. We don't give you a digital version either, because then the physical one won't feel as special. Remember, you're getting a unique piece of art and it'll be the only one in the world. Even if someone uses the same words as you, it'll result in a different piece of art. If there was a digital version of yours floating around, anyone can replicate it. Then you won't be special and we want you to feel special. Because you are special.

Pretty amazing, if we say so ourselves. Each print is on a quality blank 16"x20" canvas used by custom printers worldwide. As for the print quality, it comes from a cutting edge UV-LED Mimaki UJF-series printer. Seriously, it's as fancy as you can get, we promise. Google it.

To ensure that we're able to get every order shipped within three business days, we limit the amount of prints we sell each day. Also, we're not greedy and want to make sure each print is done carefully with the quality you expect. If you really want a custom Machine Canvas piece of art but it's currently out of stock, please try again tomorrow. Early. It's not our fault everyone wants one.

The AI created it, duh.

All orders include free shipping within the 48 contiguous U.S. For residents in Hawaii and Alaska, the shipping calculator will determine shipping costs. We ship all orders via USPS First Class with insurance, but you can upgrade to USPS Priority if you want.

Since all of our customer art is exclusive and unique, we will never share the digital file with the world. But if you want to see what our AI artist is capable of creating, you can shop through our available prints here.

To ensure your unique piece of art arrives safely, we use Route Package Protection. Route's 1-Click Protect covers you in case your order gets lost, damaged, or stolen in transit. We require it on all orders to protect us and you. Besides, it's less than a dollar (if you order a single print) and it doesn't go to us. Promise.

As of right now, you will not be able to change the Twitter handle whenever you want. You will have to unsubscribe from your current plan and sign up for a new subscription (this will also start the cycle over towards your discount). We are looking into the possiblity of allowing subscribers to change the Twitter handle, but the AI doesn't like the idea of it. Take it up with the AI.

We don't. The AI does. Or something. Let's just say it's random, ya?

See above. The no-refund policy still applies, even if you're a monthly subscriber. Sorry!